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Mary Koth Lutton: News


My two new cds, "Born in the Country," and "Remembrances" are available as of May, 2015,
at My web site should have all these tracks on site by mid June.

An official release of two new cds will happen on June 14th, 2015. "Born in the Country" is a vocal cd of 17 tracks. There are covers of pop classics, of singer/songwriters of note, some traditional tunes, and one original. Also being released is "Remembrances," an album of 21 tracks of original piano compositions: six new pieces, six from an unreleased album written in 2011 for dear friends of mine, and nine tracks of favorites from my earlier albums. Both albums have graphics that include images from my "back in the day" photo gallery. This cd release event features 18 guest artists who have become friends in my world of music since I returned to performing in 2005, after a 40-year hiatus.
The event is being held at the Ocean County Artists' Guild,in Island Heights, NJ, and because of limited seating in the gallery room, those seats have now been spoken for. My apologies for not arranging for a larger venue. But my solo concert at the gallery on May 29th is open for attendance, and the cds will be available at this pre-release event.

"A Haven in the Valley" limited edition - February 22, 2012

In December of 2011, I released a special CD, a labor of love, entitled "A Haven in the Valley." The CD is a ten-track, and only 26-minutes of peaceful lyrical digital piano music which expresses feelings and emotions of remembrances of visits to a special Bed and Breakfast heaven in the heart of the Lebanon Valley of Pennsylvania. The rooms within the Annville Inn, the grounds of gorgeous garders outside, and the loving charm of the innkeepers inspired this collection of remembrances. It is not for sale on the internet, but anyone wanting a copy of this limited edition CD can email Mary at for a copy for $12 which will cover tax and shipping. It is also for sale at the Annville Inn, in Annville, Pennsylvania, the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and the home of Lebanona Valley College, my Alma Mater.

Fourth CD Since 2006 Released - June 21, 2010

"Soundscapres of the Jersey Pinelands and Coastline: was released on June 15, 2010. The tracks were recorded into and and out of a newly purchased Roland RM 700 digital piano. All tracks are tranquil in nature, and based upon the wonderful and unique places found in the little known regions of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Inspiration came from walks on the beaches and Pinelands of New Jersey, internet information, and beautiful photos found in books with photography from Michael A. Hogan, Steve Greer, and Robert Birdsall.

Third cd has been released - April 16, 2009

My third cd, "To Vermont, with Love," is now available
at; Toms River Music, Northshire Bookstore in Manchester Center, Vermont. All 17 tracks are original songs or piano instrumentals, inspired by retreats in Southern Vermont and the
northern Lake Champlain Region. The cd includes an
8 track "Lake Champlian Suite."

Green Mountain Dreamin' released - 2nd CD - March 13, 2009

The CD is titled "Green Mountain Dreamin'."
CDs are available at and
performance venues, Toms River Music, in Toms River, NJ, and at the Northshire Book Store in Manchester, Vermont, and Mountain Leather Design in Chester, Vermont. There
are 20 tracks, with vocals
accompanied by guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, and drums: guest artist, Sage Lutton, sings three tracks.

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